Pizza Dosa

Pizza Dosa


Everyone likes Pizza Dosa, it can be made just in few minutes and a perfect snack for surprise visitors at home and also a weekend Breakfast for Kids.  

Pizza is one of the favourite dish for all kids especially because of the cheese. Most of the kids hate eating healthy vegetables and it is always a big work for the mom’s to make them eat the vegetables. Making Pizza in home is doable and needs an oven to bake. But we can make this yummy Pizza Dosa with our conventional dosa batter in no time and we can make our children eat healthy vegetables and cheese.

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Now let start making the Pizza Dosa


Kids usually make a fuss while eating breakfast. They like junk foods like pizza, burger, etc.

So, making them at home hygienically with healthy ingredients is our only option

Let’s see how to make pizza with ingredients readily available at home – Pizza Dosa

We will need dosa batter for this recipe along with some vegetables and some cheese

Here I took regular dosa batter

Heat pan and pour 2-3 spoons dosa batter over it

Spread it over the pan

Link for video on how to prepare dosa batter will be in the description box

Put the stove on medium flame and close lid

Cook for minute and open the lid

Now, put the stove on low flame and spread oil or butter on the dosa

Spread pizza sauce on top and sprinkle chopped onions on top along with chopped capsicum, tomato and any other vegetables of your choice

Sprinkle some pepper powder and salt on top

Then add some chilli flakes, oregano, grated cheese and close lid again till the cheese melts

Dosa is ready to serve!

Cut the pizza using a pizza cutter.

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