How to remove the coconut meat from the shell


Remove the coconut meat from the shell
Recipe Notes

To remove water inside the coconut; Out of the three eyes of the coconut, one of them will be softer than the other two. We can identify the softer one by checking it with a knife. Poke a hole into the softer eye and drain the coconut water completely. Poke the knife again into the softer eye and burn it on stove as shown. Burn the coconut sides till most of the fibre is burnt. After the fibre is gone, break the coconut with a hammer or stone as shown. This will break the shell and the seperated coconut meat can be seen here. This process could be done with a part of the coconut also instead of a full coconut.

Second method can be used when there is a lot of time. Place the coconut in the deep-freezer for 12 hours and take it out. Break the coconut and seperate the parts as shown.

To preserve coconuts for a month; Cut or grate the coconut pieces. Put it in an air tight container, close the lid and put it in the freezer. This could be used for upto a month. The coconut could be de-frosted and used again as a fresh coconut.

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