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Plain Mango  | Mango Strawberry – Ice Cream


Everybody likes Mango Ice Cream, here are the simple and easy step by step procedures  to make both Plain and Mixed Ice Cream. For more Sweets & Dessert Recipe , follow our website Hyderabadi Ruchulu.


Summer means mangoes and mangoes means a lot of tasty dishes. Here’s how to make it.

Mango ice cream name makes every one have a  smile and its Such a delicious dessert to relish and now you can make it at home. Creamy & Soft no cook Plain Mango and Mango Strawberry Ice Cream with out an ice cream maker.

This is a three-ingredient made with mangoes, strawberry,  sugar as desired and nothing else.. This can be prepared by kids by themselves in their free time and let them make their summer special with their self made ice creams.




1/2 cup mango pulp

1/2 cup strawberry pulp

Mango Popsicle


Prepare mango pulp and add mangoes to a blender.

Then Sugar could be added if more sweetness is desired.


Prepare strawberry pulp and Add strawberries to a blender.

Then Sugar could be added if more sweetness is desired.

Then add mango pulp and strawberry pulp to ice-cream moulds.

Subsequently Add one of the flavour first, here we added mango.


Mango Strawberry Popsicle (For Multiple flavoured popsicle)


Fill the first half with mango pulp and second half with strawberry pulp.

Then Seal the lid of the popsicle and freeze it for 4-5 hours.

Then Dip the mould in glass of water for the popsicle to be able to come out easily.


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