Different Types of Pulses and Its Uses | Health Benefits of Pulses

Health Benefits of Pulses

Today, I’m here to talk about pulses.Most people only know about bengal gram, black gram, green gram and toor dal.But, there are lots of other pulses people that don’t use regularly. Today, I’ll try to share some information about some pulses that are not very commonly used. Let’s see what we call these pulses in hindi, telugu and english. In the end, we will see how to boil them, store them and their uses. I’m sure some of you recognize some or all of these pulses.

1.Minumulu or Black Gram

These pulses are used in making dosa batter, idli batter, etc.These are called as black gram, lentil, whole urad dal, etc.These are split urad dal. As the name suggests these are black gram without skin split into two.This split black gram could be used to make sununda (laddoo).These are also used to make breakfasts, in tempering and so many other things.Black gram are very easy to boil also. They can easily be boiled in pressure cooker

2. Pesarlu or Green Gram

Next we’ll see ‘pesarlu’.These are called moong beans, green gram. These are split green gram, next is skinless green gram.We make pesarattu breakfast with these pesarlu, sprouts, curry could be made with them, moong dal halva, moong dal vada, kichidi and it is also used in various other curries.To use the whole green gram as it is, they need to be soaked first.Green gram also can be easily boiled in a pressure cooker

3.Kandulu or Toor Dal

In this article of Benefits of Pulses, Now we will see ‘kandulu’.These are called pigeon peas.These are whole toor dal. Split pigeon peas are nothing but toor dal.We use toor dal is so many recipes like dals, sambar, etc

4. Red Lentils or Masoor Dal

Next, these are red lentils.It is called masoor dal in hindi.We can make dal, halva and a variety of other recipes
These lentils also can be cooked in a pressure cooker without soaking them for long

5. Green Peas

Here these are peas.We get a variety of peas in the market.These are green peas. There will be a link in the description box on how to extract the green peas from their pods and store them.Never buy loose green peas packets from the market.There’s a chance that they are just dried peas soaked in water along with some colour.Only buy the green peas pods or buy the dried peas and soak them yourself

6.Dried Green Peas

These are dried green peas.
We use green peas in a variety of recipes. You can find videos of green peas paneer, green peas paratha, soups, chats, kebabs,etc on our channel.There’s an other variation of peas available called split peas. These are used to make dals

7. Bengal Gram or Desi Chana

Lets learn about bengal gram now.These are called desi chana, kala chana and next are chick pea.These are commonly used in sweet chepathi – bobattlu, boorelu, curry, halwa and even it’s flour is used in a lot of recipes

8. Bobbarlu or Lobiya

Next, these are called ‘bobbarlu’.They are called lobiya in hindi and black eyed peas in english.There are two types here. Black ones and red ones.Black eyed peas could be used to make curry, dal, papad, fritters or just boiled and fried.These are very healthy.Soaking them for 1-2 hours before cooking will make the cooking process faster

9.Rajma or Red Kidney Beans

Lets see ‘rajma’ now.They are called red kidney beans.These are available in a variety of colours and sizes
Kidney beans are filled with proteins.Lots of recipes use kidney beans as its main ingredient.They can be used to make pulav, salads, curries, etc

10.Soya Beans

Now, these are soya beans.Soya beans could be used to make soya paneer, soya milk, soya masala curry, soya dal, etc.


These are called ‘ulavalu’.They are called kulthi dal in hindi.Recipes like dal, chutneys, ulava charu are made with it.Ulavalu are available in three colours – red, green and white.

12.Double Beans

Next are double beans They are used to make curries, masala curries, etc.Fibre content is more in these beans. They make out skin glow and improve digestion.It also gives an energy boost


Lets learn about anumulu now.They are called vaal in hindi and field beans in english. Field beans could be just boiled and fried. They are very tasty and full of protein

Various Health Benefits of Pulses

  • These have to consumed daily in one or the other form.
  • They are rich in fol-let and magnesium. Thy reduce the risk of heart diseases
  • Sugar levels in diabetes patients could be controlled by making pulses a regular part of their diet
  • Pulses have a lot of protein which gives an energy boost
  • They also help keep our weight in check and increase our immunity
  • Pulses also have dietary fibers and complex carbohydrates
  • Pulses are a main source of protein for vegetarians and vegans

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